Four of a Kind

by Rob Quo

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released October 11, 2019

Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Gus White at his studio in Wiltshire.


all rights reserved



Rob Quo London, UK

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Track Name: To Begin With...
I've been conjuring something
Been trying to figure out a way
The hope of being better off tomorrow
Manes it easier to bear today

'Cause I'm tired of doing what I can
Of facing a reality that I can't stand
I've raised a bloody wall to band my head upon
Worst of all I built it with my own two hands

It seems to me to be too early to regret
But late enough allow the fear to manifest
It's heavy air to breathe, but breathe it in you must
If ever you've a chance to get it off your chest

It's clear that I can;t continue to deny
The terror that's been slowly coming to the fore
That I might be going down & that if I do I'm done
The time will come to drop the dream and shut the door

I'm headed down the dead-end avenue
There must be something more that I can do, something more

I thought that all that you needed was patience
Now that mine's running thin
I really need a new beginning
For something new that hasn't been to begin
To begin with...
Track Name: What Did You See?
With your eyes peering up
From the palm of my hand &
The fire burning in them
Like a furnace of desire

The glow of your aura
Thawing feelings I thought long forgotten
The bounding leap of your laugh
Reviving a faith I'd long thought rotten

Your gaze, gently disarming, demanding undivided dedication
That I so gladly granted without any hesitation
What did you mean?

With your fingers falling like warm water
Meandering down and around and drawing
This formidable feeling, oh, what a feeling

With my eyes tethered to
We danced, and so the dance ensued
Eye to eye & move for move
We swung like the sun and the moon

So tell me what did you see
When you looked at me so?
I have tried but it wont be denied, no
I simply have to know

Where are you now?
Who do you see?
Do you see them the very same way you saw me?

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